The organization was formed in 1998 to undertake relief and development programs in Tanzania and outside the country if and when it is necessary. The decision of Burundi President to re-run for third presidential term  led to an influx of thousands of refugees into Tanzania. As one of the poor countries in Sub Saharan Africa, Tanzania experienced various problems ranging from ecological to socio-economical. REDESO found a gap  to intervene to bring relief to refugees and the host communities through varous programs.

The organization has focused on alleviating negative impact of refugees on the environment and the local communities. However, REDESO also advocates maintaining all positive impacts from refugees, for the good of national development. Currently REDESO is providing energy and environmental management, Lumasi transit center management in KIbondo& Kakonko and Ngara respectively. Also REDESO undertaken various projects like sustainable agricultural activities, vocational training and natural resource management in Ngara, Kibondo, Mpanda, Kasulu, Kigoma, Urambo, and Handeni districts in the former refugee operations. The organization  also implemented UNHCR funded construction projects in Mpanda, Urambo and Ilemela district.

The organization worked with the Government of Tanzania to facilitate a big world bank funded water project in Tanga and Mtwara regions.

Furthermore the organization is implementing two projects funded by OXFAM TANZANIA in two districts of Tanzania mainlnd. The sisal value addition project in Kishapu District has brought tremendous changes to the life of benefiting groups both socially and economically.

Disaster and Risk Reduction (DRR) is the new project which is at initial stages of implementation in Kibondo Districts in Kigoma region,the North western part of Tanzania.The project intends to train the community on how to get preparedness on assessing the vulnerability risks and prepare the optimum methods to combat the disasters or risks which are likely to occur du to climatic change,social and cultural practices.

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