Relief to Development Society(REDESO) is a Non Governmental Organization  with its headquarters in Dar Es Salaam and field offices in Ngara, Kibondo, Kakonko and Kishapu field offices.REDESO previously had operational offices in Kasulu, Kigoma, Mpanda, Chogo-Handeni, Tabora, Mwanza, and Mtwara/Mikindani which are currently closed.

REDESO's vision is a community where vulnerable people have access to equal opportunities and empowerment.

Currently REDESO implements a number of activities including environmental management, sustainable agriculture, vocational training and natural resources management, overall camp management, community development, microfinance and provision of health services.

REDESO has worked with a number of implementing partners including United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), DANIDA, CAFOD UK, Relief Education Trust, WFP, CRUSAID UK and Norwegian People’s Aid.

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