Graduates refugees scholarship programme, funded by  UNHCR/DAFI implemented by REDESO Dar es Salaam

Graduates refugees scholarship programme, funded by UNHCR/DAFI implemented by REDESO Dar es Salaam

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REDESO-Dar es Salaam Head quarter Branch has two programs, namely Urban Refugees and DAFI education program for refugees from DRC.


Assistance to Refugee and Asylum seeker program (Urban Refugees) Dar es Salaam

Tanzania has enjoyed relative peace and tranquility for past fifty years while her neighbors have experienced instability

This fact coupled with hospitality of the people of Tanzania has made the country to be refuge to many refugees.  UNHCR, the Government of Tanzania and number of other partners have not only been providing protection but also durable solution where the majority of refugees have repatriated.  Refugees in Tanzania are mainly Congolese from DRC, some remnants of Burundian refugees, and Somali refugees. A part from refugees there is a small number of asylum seekers who are being assisted in Tanzania.

The refugees, mostly Congolese are in Nyarugusu camp, which is located in Kasulu District.  The former Somali refugees and already resettled in Handeni District, Tanga region.  This project assists refugees who for one reason or another are referred to Dar es Salaam.  In most cases the refugees are referred to Dar es Salaam for referral treatment and other protection issues.

The Project aims to assist an estimated 180 and refugees in Dar es Salaam (the number includes refugee patient mainly from Nyarugusu camp of Western Tanzania Refugee programme.  Generally, refugees assisted under this project are those who come to Dar es Salaam for medical treatment, resettlement, family reunification, and voluntary repatriation and protection/security purpose.

Asylum seekers in include those who live in Dar es Salaam temporarily before being designated an area of residence and/or those that may be denied asylum in Tanzania by the government but determined to be concern to the office.  Hundreds of refugees living on their own in Dar es Salaam is assisted if and when they have protection problems, However, Government policy requires that all refugees and asylum seeker reside in refugee camps.



 UNHCR Tanzania has successfully supported eligible refugee students through DAFI (Albert Einstein German Refugee Academic Initiative Scholarship programme within the last 20 years.

The Goal of this project is fostering and developing capacities, skills and knowledge of refugees students with the strategic objective of contributing to the promotion of self-reliance of refugee men and women by providing them with professional qualification geared towards future gainful employment, which would encourage the development of qualified human resource for the future construction of refugee’s countries upon repatriation, and therefore making the repatriation process sustainable and supporting greater peace and stability in the region.  Tertiary education on the other hand, may facilitate local integration and contribute to the development of the refugee community and host country.

DAFI Scholarship continues to promote support to 51 qualified and deserving Congolese students who due to insecurity in their areas of return have not been able to repatriate.  The project target a few qualified potential Burundian refugee students who are currently in the process of naturalization in Tanzania for them to be able to be their better within the new Society and constribute to the development of the host community as productive citizens.

This Project, further more strive to offer on opportunity to ex DAFI Students and other qualified graduates among persons of concern to pursue Master degree which is not easy to access in the countries of origin but also difficult to be afforded by Burundian undergoing naturalization process.

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