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Economic Justice Programme, Oxfam Tanzania and REDESO Kishapu


The Economic Justice (EJ) programme incorporates the previous Tanzania Agricultural Scale Up, Pastoralist and Humanitarian Programmes in Tanzania. The goals of this programme are to increase food security, household income and quality of life of 1.2 million people in Shinyanga and Tanga Regions and Ngorongoro District (Arusha Region). The programme focuses on smallholder women and men farmers and pastoralists and uses value chain approaches and drought cycle management to improve their standard of living and enhance their resilience.



  1.   Improved food security and income of 1.2 million women and men farmers and pastoralists 


EJ Outputs:

  1. Women benefiting from economic leadership through control over decisions and assets
  2. Improved productivity, increased scale and market access of local chicken, small ruminants, rice, sisal, and vegetable sub-sectors
  3. Land rights guaranteed in law and practice, particularly for women and pastoralists
  4. Disaster mitigation and preparedness practices implemented at all levels (community, government, Oxfam and partners) and timely response when required
  5. Government and private sector supporting and investing in value chains that provides the greatest benefits for women


REDESO in collaboration with Oxfam Tanzania currently, is participating in the process of development of the value chain for sisal production in Kishapu, Shinyanga region in collaboration with the District council where REDESO will a part from other activities increase income of 1800 women and men farmers through improved productivity, increased scale and market access of Sisal crop in Kishapu district.  Kishapu Sisal production and marketing project: Linking small holders into sustainable value chairs through new business models is funded by Oxfam GB and REDESO Kishapu is a lead partner that participates in the process development with District council.

REDESO Kishapu Sisal production and marketing project is expected to have the following outcomes:

  • 100 new farmer’ groups in 5 new villages formed for collective project implementation
  • Farmer from 5 new villages will be assisted to establish nurseries of sisal seedlings from tradition Sisal bulbils.
  • Train 25 farmers’ entrepreneurs on nurseries establishment and management as an Enterprise.
  • Transformation of SILC groups to association/SACCOSS.
  • Awareness and training on hedges sisal management to optimize production from hedges in all 30 villages.
  • 15 farmers and entrepreneurs to share lessons on production, marketing and management.
  • Train on sisal farming techniques and post harvest handling
  • Train on organizational and leadership

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