Mugombe sec Two in one teachers house cracked due to strong wind

Mugombe sec Two in one teachers house cracked due to strong wind

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Since the inception of refugees in 2015, REDESO in partnership with UNHCR has been undertaking environment management and protection in Nduta and Mtendeli refugee camps. These camps being overpopulated by more than 120,000 refugees in Nduta camp and more than 50,000 refugees in Mtendeli camp it increases pressure on the environment and natural resources at large which are dependable to both refugees and Host community surrounding the camps. To ensure that environment and natural forest are better protected REDESO undertakes the following activities:- environment education and awareness raising to both refugee and host community, tree planting in both refugees and host community, organic kitchen gardening in Mtendeli camp to improve nutritious content for the PoC, Undertaking soil conservation in both host community and refugees camps, conducting and chairing conflict resolution between host community and refugee community to ensure peaceful coexistence of the two communities harmoniously. Since 2016, total of 609,430 trees have been planted in both refugee camps and host community villages from both Kibondo and Kakonko Districts.

In an effort to solve the cooking and heating energy crisis especially to marginalized communities, REDESO strives to refine the energy conversion efficiency of biomass-using cookstoves so that to reduce both environmental degradation and health hazards associated with Household Air Pollution (HAP) while searching for alternative clean energy sources.  In a nutshell, we strive to make The Available Clean while making efforts to make The Clean Available. In the process to achieve this endeavor, with particular focus to the Persons of Concerns, we have been dealing with fabrication of Improved Mudstoves as well as provision of Insert (Envirofit) stoves in Nduta and Mtendeli Refugee Camps in Kibondo and Kakonko Districts respectively. Alternative clean energy sources particularly briquettes and LPG piloting have also been conducted in the Camps and host communities in an effort to transition from traditional energy sources to alternative and clean energy solutions.   REDESO therefore welcomes all interested parties to join her efforts to bring about Safe Access to Fuel and Energy (SAFE).

Disaster and Risk Reduction (DRR) is the new project which is at initial stages of implementation in Kibondo Districts in Kigoma region,the North western part of Tanzania.The project intends to train the community on how to get preparedness on assessing the vulnerability risks and prepare the optimum methods to combat the disasters or risks which are likely to occur du to climatic change,social and cultural practices.



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