REDESO Office Kasulu

REDESO Office Kasulu

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REDESO Kasulu, North Western Tanzania, Implemented Vocational Training Project in Kasulu District from 2004 – 2009.  The project implemented as a result of various need shown in the camps of Nyarugusu, Mtabila I & II and Muyovonzi in Kasulu district. However also this need was obviously determined to the hose community around the camps.

The following trades were offered by REDESO Kasulu:

(i)            Horticulture and Animal husbandry

(ii)          Carpentry and Journey

(iii)         Masonry and brick laying

(iv)         Tailoring and batic  design

(v)          Computer application

(vi)          Electronics and Radio repair

(vii)        Bicycle repair

(viii)      Hair dressing and beautification.

As well as entrepreneurship skills to cut across all the above trades.

This project was funded by DANIDA Beneficiaries trained from 2004 – 2009 were 1500 trainees both refugees and Tanzanians the Vocational training project phase out after started to repatriate to DRC (Congo).

Currently this branch is closed since there is no project under implementation.But REDESO owns offices buldings which will be resumed for new projects to come ahead.



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