Unhcr Kigoma- Compound Fencing REDESO

Unhcr Kigoma- Compound Fencing REDESO

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REDESO Kigoma, North Western Tanzania implemented Vocational Training project in Kigoma district from 2004-2009.  The project implemented as a result of various need identified in the camps of Lugufu Campin Kigoma district.  However, youths from host community were admitted to study different trades.

The following trades were offered by REDESO Kigoma.

(1)  Carpertry and joinery

(2)  Horticulture and animal husbandry

(3)  Masonny and brick laying

(4)  Computer application

(5)  Electronics and Radio repair

(6)  Bicycle repair

(7)  Hair dressing and beautification

(8)  Tailoring and batic design

Entrepreneurship skills were taught to all trainees who were studying different trader 1490 beneficiaries trained from 2004-2009 and awarded certificates in different in 2009 after the Lugufu camp refugees started to repatriate to the County of origin (DRC)   

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