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REDESO established a branch in Mwanza in 2009.  The branch established to implement pillar III support, projects under the old Settlement Programme.  UNHCR, REDESO and in Cooperation with Mwanza city authorities implemented the project in the year 2009/2010.

The project was to construct Mkolani Secondary School.

The Construction works at Mkolani Secondary School involved the following activities.

  • Construction of four girls, hostel buildings with capacity to accommodate 96 girls each, furnished with 380 beds and 380 mattresses.
  • Construction of Assembly/Dining Hall with furniture and Kitchen
  • Construction four matrons’ quarters
  • Construction of extension utilities  (water and electricity) to the new building
  • Construction of a library with furniture
  • Construction of an incinerator
  • Construction of access road.

During the implementation of the project the followings are project roles of parts involved the project:-

  • Mwanza City council was to provide focal people/ counterparts’ to guide the project and to ensure quality and standards.
  • REDESO  was to provide the project management, consultation, supervision, resource delivery and reporting
  • UNHCR was to interface with donors, provided oversight, resources and technical respects for the activities of the project.

Construction of Mkolani Secondary School Project completed in 2010 and handed over to Mwanza City Council.

The REDESO Mwanza branch was closed after completion of the construction of activities in 2011.




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