Project Information

Project Name

Lukole Camp Environment Ngara

Project Donor(s)




Projected Output

Environment in and around the refugees camps conserved and rehabilitated


The project was implemented in the main areas of intervenetion.

The first was environmental education in which refugees and people in areas surrounding the refugee camps were educated on energy conservation, combating erosion, combating bush fires, protection of existing forests, and tree planting just to mention a few examples.

The seciond was environmental protection in which Environmental guides were deployed to ensure collection of dead wood for firewood, combat illegal lumbering, prohibition of illegal charcoal burning, and protection of wildlife.

Thirdly, the project engaged in rehabilitation of the degraded environment in the camps. This was done by healing gullies through Physical means such as the use of check dams and construction of gabion as well as the use of biological meqans such as the use of vegetative materials. in addition to that, tree planting and contouring were also implemented to ensure environmental integrity.

This project was implemented in close collaboration with local  government departments of Lands and  Natural recources office as well as ministry of home affairs. 

Project Time Frame

1998 to 2008

Completion Status


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