Rehabilitated hill side

Rehabilitated hill side

Project Information

Project Name

Assistance to Relief and Sustainable Agriculture Project

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Projected Output

Increased food basket for vulnerable refugees in Lukole camps and environmental rehabilitation.


The project for example has enabled refugees to obtain land temporarily from Tanzanian villagers to cultivate seasonal crops (maize and beans) to supplement their food ration, while at the same time managing trees in their farm plots. The 1,150 acres of land, which were originally bare, are now covered by forest plantation.

During the project period (2002 – 2007), no wild fire outbreak has occurred; instead the land has been under cultivation, rejuvenating the soil fertility through preserving micro flora and fauna, and recycling soil nutrients as a result of falling plant tree leaves.

Under the agro-forestry cultivation, the project has realized yearly increase of maize and beans production per unit area of the land. In addition, the environmental impact of the refugee movement was mitigated; the refugees have land to work and the local farmers will have the land returned to them in 15 years or after repatriation with valuable fully-grown trees, which can then be harvested sustainably.

In addition to refugee services the local community were supported in areas of environment conservation, Banana improvement, bee keeping, fish farming, multiplication of root and tuber mosaid disease resistant cassava and sweet potatoes and savings and credit scheme.

Project Time Frame

2002 to 2006

Completion Status


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