Motor Vehicle Mechanics

Motor Vehicle Mechanics

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Enhanced Vocational training Project - Ngara

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Projected Output

The youths among Tanzanian Host community and refugee community acquire skills for self reliance as well as creation of harmony between the two communities.


This project was among the three components of DANIDA funded Refugee Host Area Programme (PHAP). Its aim was to give accessn to refugees and Tanzanians in Nortwestern Tanzania so that they can gain skills that will help the become productive cetizens in their respective country through self or direct employment. In Ngara there were four main Training Centres, Buhororo for Tanzanians,  K9, Kabahesh and Lukole A camp for Burundi refugees and surrounding Tanzanians. 

Training was based  Vocational Education Training (VETA) curriculum.  This ensured quality training that incorporates integrated development modal called CBET (Competency Based Education and Training), which links education and self-reliance; and thus most of the time (80%) is practical lessons and 20% scheduled for theoretical part. The project ioffered the following courses/trades:-

  1. Horticulture and Improved Animal husbandry.
  2. Carpentry and Joinery.
  3. Masonry and brick laying.
  4. Tailoring and batik design.
  5. Computer application (ICT).
  6. Electronics and Radio repair.
  7. Bicycle repair.
  8. Motor vehicle mechaniscs.
  9. Entrepreneurship and life  skills were offered as cross cutting course.

Up to completion the project had trained 5, 305 young men and women. With the support fro Tools from Self reliance and a small budget from Danida, most of the trainees were supported with orking tools to kick star the small enterprises. They were also connected to the Savings and Credit Scheme so as to attain sustainability. After phasing out the project is run by REDESO with community contribution.

Project Time Frame

2004 to 2009

Completion Status


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Motor Vehicle Mechanics
Motor Vehicle Mechanics
Electronics and  Radio Repair Practices
Electronics and Radio Repair Practices
Bicycle Repair Training
Bicycle Repair Training
VTC-students In Electronics
VTC-students In Electronics
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