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SNProjectProjected OutputProject StartsProject EndsCompletion Status
1Refugee hosting areas rehabilitation and construction projectRefugee hosting areas continues to lead normal and progressive live despite hosting refugees for a long time20042007Completed
2Savings and credit scheme - KibondoCreataion of capital for community empowerment and poverty eradication.20050000Completed
3Combating Gender based Violence  (GBV) Project - KibondoEmpowering the community to fight all forms of gender based violence20052007Completed
4Re-greening ProjectEnvironmental management activities that are provided in terms of tree nursery establishment and energy saving techniques/stoves to Mugunzu and Kumsenga local communities funded by JIFPRO20072012Completed
5Kibondo Sustainable Agriculture Project (KISAP)Improved household food security among rural farmers in Kibondo district.20082012Completed
6Capacity building for people living with HIV/AIDS and Gender & HIV/AIDS mainstreaming20082011Completed
7Environmental Management and Energy Project in Kibondo and Kakonko refugee campsEnsure sustainable management of natural resources cooking energy through provision of environmental education and conducting rehabilitation activities to the already destructed areas.Access to alternative cooking energy and best cooking practices for eff20152018Ongoing
8Kibondo and Kakonko Districts Environment extension servicesPeaceful coexistence of the Refugees community and hosting community.20162018Ongoing

Showing 1 to 8 of 8 projects.

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