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SNProjectProjected OutputProject StartsProject EndsCompletion Status
21Chogo Settlement Grain reserve, road networks improvement and water supply project ProjectEnhanced food security and increase supply of water20102010Completed
22Lumasi transit center ManagementProvision of temporary reception and transit facilities for both asylum seekers and refugee crossing Tanzania boarder in Ngara District in Kagera Region.20150000Ongoing
23Environmental Management and Energy Project in Kibondo and Kakonko refugee campsEnsure sustainable management of natural resources cooking energy through provision of environmental education and conducting rehabilitation activities to the already destructed areas.Access to alternative cooking energy and best cooking practices for eff20152018Ongoing
24Kibondo and Kakonko Districts Environment extension servicesPeaceful coexistence of the Refugees community and hosting community.20162018Ongoing

Showing 21 to 24 of 24 projects.

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