REDESO - UNHCR Funded Projects: Closed Projects

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SNProjectProjected OutputProject StartsProject EndsCompletion Status
1Lukole Camp Environment NgaraEnvironment in and around the refugees camps conserved and rehabilitated19982008Completed
2Chogo Settlement management ProjectLocal integration of Former Somali Bantu in Chogo20022007Completed
3Refugee hosting areas rehabilitation and construction projectRefugee hosting areas continues to lead normal and progressive live despite hosting refugees for a long time20042007Completed
4Combating Gender based Violence  (GBV) Project - KibondoEmpowering the community to fight all forms of gender based violence20052007Completed
5Local Integration Project (Improvement of Mpanda Girls' secondary school and tree planting)Smooth local integration of Newly Naturalised Tanzanians20072011Completed
6Local Integration Project (Improvement of Tabora Girls' secondary school, Tree planting)Smooth local integration of Newly Naturalised Tanzanians20082010Completed
7Local Integration Project (Improvement of Mkolani secondary school )Smooth local integration of Newly Naturalised Tanzanians20092010Completed
8Chogo Settlement Grain reserve, road networks improvement and water supply project ProjectEnhanced food security and increase supply of water20102010Completed

Showing 1 to 8 of 8 projects.

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