REDESO Projects: Closed Projects

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SNProjectProjected OutputProject StartsProject EndsCompletion Status
11Re-greening ProjectEnvironmental management activities that are provided in terms of tree nursery establishment and energy saving techniques/stoves to Mugunzu and Kumsenga local communities funded by JIFPRO20072012Completed
12Water and environmental health programCommunity empowered to manage water resources and have access to adequate safe and clean water20072012Completed
13Local Integration Project (Improvement of Mpanda Girls' secondary school and tree planting)Smooth local integration of Newly Naturalised Tanzanians20072011Completed
14Kibondo Sustainable Agriculture Project (KISAP)Improved household food security among rural farmers in Kibondo district.20082012Completed
15Capacity building for people living with HIV/AIDS and Gender & HIV/AIDS mainstreaming20082011Completed
16Local Integration Project (Improvement of Tabora Girls' secondary school, Tree planting)Smooth local integration of Newly Naturalised Tanzanians20082010Completed
17Local Integration Project (Improvement of Mkolani secondary school )Smooth local integration of Newly Naturalised Tanzanians20092010Completed
18Chogo Settlement Grain reserve, road networks improvement and water supply project ProjectEnhanced food security and increase supply of water20102010Completed

Showing 11 to 18 of 18 projects.

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